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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  April 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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hateful symbols, a story of controversy at the university of maryland. >> the messages were found in academic buildings. an investigation is underway. we are joined at live at college park. >> university officials sent out an e-mail this afternoon. students are still finding out about it. other students, a lot of them were upset by the symbols. they did not fit -- appeared to be fired up. university officials say it will not tolerate this behavior. this student says she is it uncomfortable at the college campus this days. >> the fact that someone -- you do not know who might hit you for who you are. >> over the weekend, police said the symbols were found in the computer science building. monday, someone vandalized an
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elevator in the biology building. >> we are in a huge campus. there are so many people of different races. why are we still having to write hateful things to each other? >> it is ridiculous that we have one of the largest universities and there are still people who are ignorant enough to make comments like that. >> campus police do not think the two cases are connected. officials say they will not tolerate such behavior. >> police are investigating both cases. looking for witnesses. any party is brought to justice will face full judicial process of the university. >> it is wrong. hurt people's feelings. what can you do? the best thing to do is to not let it affect you. >> the chief debtors the officer at the university, she says incidents highlight the bias, discrimination, and hatred, not only on campus but in the united
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states. >> our president has taken an important step of sending out information about these incidents. speaking to the community about our intolerance of these kinds of people act. -- of hateful acts. >> discrimination act's are down 85%. we are live tonight at the university of maryland. wbal-tv 11 news. this man was caught on surveillance video trying to videotape a woman using the restroom at panera. he used a cell phone he put into the neighboring stall to videotape the victim. he faces peeping tom charges. he is listed as a third degree sex offender. the retrial continued earlier today against the brothers accused of setting a pit bull on fire.
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jurors were shown videotape testimony in surveillance from the first trial. the testimony was shown because the witness has refused to take the stand again. as a result, she received a six- month prison sentence. the prosecution plans to continue showing surveillance video when testimony resumes tomorrow morning. a 90-year-old woman who was handcuffed and roughed up gets a payoff. city officials approved the $95,000 settlement. they admitted they would have a tough time winning in front of the jury. see what you think after you hear the story. we have the details. >> i was treated like a criminal. >> meet venus green, a retired educator, and as of today, a little better off, courtesy of the decision to settle the lawsuit she smiled. >> do you know how much they
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gave me? >> $95,000. >> her grandson was shot and wounded. he said it happened at the convenience store. police insisted it happened house. of venus' >> the police kept questioning him. they would not let the ambulance attendant help him. i said, could you please let the ambulance treat him. he said, you did it. let's go inside, i will prove you did it. >> police wanted to go to the basement. she said no, not without a warrant. >> i said, if you do not have a warrant, you do not go down into my house. >> a struggle ensued between a male officer and venus, at the time, at age 87. >> he threw me on a chair. he put handcuffs on me. he started calling me the b-- name.
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>> an officer went to the basement. finance responded. >> she locked the basement door. she basically took matters into her own hands. >> this is my private home. if i locked it, that is my prerogative. he had no search warrant. >> she suffered a separated shoulder and sued the department. the city chose to settle the case. not take a chance in front of a jury. >> we would have a difficult time in front of a city jury, or any jerry. >> i was the department head of the high school. i have been in education for over 50 years. i have been an abiding citizen, i have never been arrested, i paid my taxes, i raised my son, and i have been abused.
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i feel like the police department needs to go back to school. >> wbal-tv 11 news. >> in the past two years, the city has paid out $16.80 million in claims against the police department. jack young voted against the settlement saying he was tired of the police department deleting the money. in our report, a swing vote to decide whether one of the environment the bills gets approved. the wind energy bill would create a framework for capturing wind energy of of the coast of ocean city. it is called a job creation bill. however, it could remain stuck in the committee depending on anthony lewis who opposes the bill. governor o'malley remains hopeful. >> i believe if it makes it to the senate, it will be approved. we still have some persuading to do. it is their job to ask the tough questions and to make sure the
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consumers are safeguarded. >> 6 votes and needed for passage. wiping the entire beltway. that should be the top priority for maryland transportation officials. that is what a report released today. for the projects that need to be invested in soon to improve the state's economic future. the cost of the top-10 amount to almost $13.70 billion. >> these are projects that are going to improve commuting, save people time. also, those improvements support economic development. they help businesses be more productive. it is going to help create jobs. >> also recommended, a transit line that would open in 2020.
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drug shortages was discussed at the university of maryland. in attendance, representatives and senators, as well as doctors, patients, and families. individuals are creeping fig pharmacies by -- are creating a fake pharmacies by gaining access to these drugs. >> i am sure we can all agree that nobody should be allowed to profit at the expense of cancer victims or other patients who are in dire need of these life- saving medications. >> there are 178 drugs in shortage. that is up from 61 drugs five years ago. welcome home. that was the theme of the 31st annual hope dinner. nancy pelosi is from baltimore. she delivered tonight's keynote
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address. all representing the labor and business communities. in attendance, the governor, senator, and congressman. the speech concentrated on her belief and the president's health care reform. just a day at the mitt romney took wisconsin, maryland, and the district of columbia, there is pressure on some time to step down. >> he has no intention -- there is pressure on rick santorum to step down. >> he has no intention of leaving the race. he is looking ahead to next month when texas' votes. without a new development, nothing will change in the race. >> it is over. unless romney has a heart attack, says something unfathomable stupid or has some scandal we do not know about, he
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has the nomination wrapped up. >> connecticut, delaware, new york, and rhode island. newt gingrich and ron paul are also pledging to stay in the race. the woman who claims to have the winning mega millions to get made a public appearance with her attorney. mirlande wilson has said she bought the winning ticket separate from those purchased in her co-workers poole. as we say, that she is not saying anything. >> thank you for coming. >> according to her attorney, mirlande wilson arrived late because he was at the doctor being treated for health issues. >> her blood pressure is up. her children are home. she needs a chance to get back to her routine. >> besides talking on herself on, she did not say a word. -- on her cell phone, she did
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not say a word. her attorney says he has never seen the ticket and is not sure it exists. >> i cannot say that the ticket exist. i would caution anybody, until it is submitted for processing, that it does exist. >> smith told representatives he was concerned about wilson's safety. he requested privacy for her and her family. free tickets split a piece of the six and $56 million jackpot. lottery officials have say that no one has contacted them. >> the easiest way to be over with all of this, we go home and for us to come up when we get ready, -- us, when we get ready, she should do what she desires
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to do. >> interesting. >> let's see what happens. coming up, vegetables to books. >> details on the new literacy garden. >> still going strong after 20 years, what ballpark fans can expect. >> will take a look at the opening day forecast and what you can expect during the holiday weekend. bl
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the video went of viral, that man getting pulled over. we find him again at the children's hospital. the man behind the mask is lenny robinson. he says even though he got pulled over, he will never miss an opportunity to visit children. >> when i walked in, i picked her up, i held her in my arms. she smiled. her mom told me, it was the first time she smiled and months. in months. it might be the first time she smiled all of 2012. that alone is worth the trip. >> spider-man and what a woman were also there. if you are wondering, he was pulled over because the bat mobile had the bat symbol instead of a license plate.
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some encouraging news for college students, according to the national association of colleges, companies expect to hire a 10% more workers this year than last. opportunities may still be difficult for those without a business degree. korea counselors advised candidates to research employers before heading up résume is. >> they look at their skills, their experience, the résume is not just a summary of everything they have done. they need to look at how they describe what they have done. they need to look for transferable skills. >> it is all about the packaging. for a look at this is report and companies hiring you can log onto website, a different garden will take root. this one, a literacy garden. this garden, spearheaded by
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baltimore, will offer free flowers, vegetables, and books. >> the closest library is over a mile away from here. the committee members did not go that far. it will provide a library type activities. there will be theatre performances, musical performances, sing-alongs. >> the garden opened at the end of may. if you cannot wait, you can take part in the annual book for kids event on may 6. strike some big changes. the best ball park in baseball is turning 20 years old. when you hit opening day on friday, the better bring an appetite. -- you better bring an appetite. >> finishing touches. opening day is friday. this ballpark got a bit of a
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facelift. >> i am really anticipating they are going to jump out to a big start this year. >> structurally, the ballpark has several new sightlines. the scoreboard on the right field wall, lowered by four feet. >> it opens up the whole corridor. you can see the field from utah st.. >> on top of center field, a brand new deck with a unique perspective. >> they are open to all of our fans. you do not need a special ticket. we are excited about that. >> you know what we are excited about? all of the new stuff to eat. a crab hot dog. bacon on a stick. and the camden giant, a crab cake on top of a burger.
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new food, new views, and a new uniform. >> it is going to put a smile on your face and at a lot more fun. this is the most magnificent stadium baseball ever built. >> gates open at noon. in baltimore, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the first pitch will be thrown out by the first pitcher to take the mound in camden yards. now, your weather forecast. >> bacon on a stick, you got to love that. we are going to give the opening day forecast in a second. let's talk about today. it was a very nice day. we made it up to 75 degrees. most of the rain missed us to the south. there are still some showers and thunderstorms. all of this activity is going to stay to our south. there are some storms firing up.
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the cold air has been slow to move in. it is going to do it over the next couple of hours. tomorrow morning, it is going to be on the chellie side. the sky is clear, the air is dry. we will set up some cooling. 63 degrees at the airport. the humidity only 21%. a little breeze coming out of the northwest. that is going to be settling down. you can see the cool air up near the pennsylvania line. it is 51. 67 downtown. a big temperature contrast. the cool air will continue to sink them. it is not going to be cold enough for frost. it will be on the chellie side. temperatures will drop back into the upper-30's. mid-40's. during the day, high pressure from the great lakes. that is going to keep us dry. cooler than today. we will be watching the storm
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system moving through the carolinas. that is going to cause a lot of trouble for the first two rounds of the masters. they are going to get a lot of rain. our forecast, mainly sunny. instead of the mid-70s, we're going to drop back into the low-60's. your seventh day forecast, the home opener on friday, i am going to put a slight chance for a sprinkle. there is going to be a baseball. the high temperature of 58. 3:05.rst pitch is that the best chance for rain will be monday and tuesday. lacrosse tonight. coming up next in sports. >> is america's favorite jackpot game. this is power ball. good evening.
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we have a big jackpot for you. it is a guaranteed $70 million. good luck. 33, 24, this meant the, $1 million after matching all five numbers. 49, 45, 1. foyer when in power ball number. that's this and you are a winner. 6. the winning numbers, --
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now, 11 sports. >> we get at the -- gathered at the ravens tim headquarters. when asked if he would like to share who he likes as a returner, the answer he gave was simple, no. it strikes me how many players the ravens prepare for in the
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draft. 253 names will be called. >> we will have about 150 names of guys we think are draftable. most of our picks will come from our top 100. that does not always happen. what that means 100 players -- >> that means 100 players. as for the actual games, we know the particulars of the preseason. that schedule is released today. they start in atlanta. baltimore opened up the stadium next season with a nationally televised game against detroit. a week later, they welcomed the jack wires. they finished the preseason with a trip to st. louis. putt to be raven's broadcasting. back to baltimore, they work out tomorrow in camden yards.
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on friday, we begin a six-month journey. here is the rotation test with getting it done. arietta at the start for friday. here is the rotation in order. hunter, madison, number 5, a tough job for a kidney to everything. -- kid knew to everything. the miami marlins opened up the new stadium. it is hideously colorful. there is the bad color, all around the ballpark. top one, picking up right where he left off, a two-run single. bottom four, ramirez, the 5-4-3 double play. bottom 7, no-hitter, until
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there. reyes breaks it up. the miami marlins, st. lous wins tonight, 5-1. a rocky start. the tigers lost three of their first five. hope, -- hosting umbc. two students lost their lives. the flag at half mast. first quarter, no score, scott jones. umbc, 1-0 lead. michael, a big windup, he had an assist. that ties the game. dave brown, cranks it up. back up 1. back and ftorth.
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tight all the way, tigers win 12-11. it is their fifth consecutive victory. a very powerful atmosphere. a big crowd. >> always good to come from behind. >> stay with us. at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities
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who call baltimore home. from funding to help a local business expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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one more look at the forecast. it is going to be cooler tomorrow. the high temperature, 60. a-50's. take a light jacket if you are going to this game. >> cooler weather coming through. >> 75 today. that is cooler. >> we will see you back here tomorrow night. what followed breaking news and whether any time at and stay connected with us on facebook and twitter. facebook and twitter.
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